How can I get iCurl?


What is iCurl?

iCurl is a free, easy-to-use, graphical app that's based on the capabilities of the Linux utility called cURL.

Great, but what exactly is cURL?

Good question! cURL is a utility for software developers, network administrators, and hackers to allow them to generate raw HTTP requests (and a few other protocols, too) to URLs across the Internet. The available HTTP requests go far beyond what a web browser can do. Plus, with cURL you can customize any aspect of the HTTP request packet. This let's you test a web service API, or check the status of some hosted content, or ensure your website is bulletproof. To learn more, read about:

The HTTP Protocol
The original cURL software

OK, now what is iCurl again?

iCurl is an app that implements many of the original HTTP capabilities of cURL, plus some new features, and does so in an easy-to-use environment for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Feel free to use it however you wish. But iCurl is not for everyone. You will ideally want to know something about HTTP networking, and have some particular use in mind.

What can I do with iCurl?

With iCurl you can issue HTTP GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, and HEAD method requests to any URL. You can easily customize the header fields of the request to suit your needs. You can easily authenticate to secure domains with iCurl's HTTP authentication wizard. You can even tell iCurl to emulate one of seven different device/OS/browser combinations with just a simple click, to test the content response of websites. And of course, you can view the header and body of responses to your HTTP requests, and optionally display the response as a formatted web page.

What CAN'T I do with iCurl?

Well, not all of the cURL functionality is implemented in iCurl. Support is limited to HTTP, and a few of the minor HTTP-based features from cURL are not supported. If user response to iCurl is positive, more features will be coming along.


iCurl and Small Screen Systems are not affiliated with the cURL project, Haxx, or Daniel Stenberg.

How you can start using iCurl: